It is with great pleasure that we are announcing our first ever One Tree Hill convention, the first in the United States! Many of our staff are fans and grew up with One Tree Hill, and it turns out that there is a HUGE fandom for the show which was demanding a convention, a place to gather and relive the show and characters they miss so much. It's rare that a television series touches the hearts and souls of it's fans. One Tree Hill did and still does. The fans have made an intimate connection with the characters almost like family. Recently a fan started an online petition for a convention, within a week there were over a thousand signatures! Even the stars of the show got behind the push for a convention. We heard the call. This will be our first annual One Tree Hill convention, we would like to make it an annual event and with your support and attendance, we will be able to. There will never be another first, so be a part of history! It's time to take a journey with us back to Tree Hill.

EyeCon Celebrity Interaction
EyeCon isn't your average, impersonal convention. EyeCon is well known for bringing our attendees the absolute most "personal" time with the stars. While other conventions actually dictate to their celebrity guests that they are not "allowed" to walk around and mingle, we are just the opposite. We know that the fans are here to meet them and get to know them, the celebrities want to meet the fans as well, so we actually encourage them to mingle and get to know their fans on a more personal level, which is simply better for everyone.
At other conventions, you basically just get to see the stars on stage... not at EyeCon. Many of our celebrity guests not only attend our parties, but participate by wearing costumes, talking and getting to know the attendees in informal settings!

Full 3-Day Weekend of Activities
We not only introduce you to your favorite celebrity guests, we completely immerse you into the One Tree Hill world. While other conventions are a short two days, we are a FULL three day convention with games and activities starting early on Friday and lasting til late on Sunday. The weekend will feature games, panels, Celebrity Q&As and Photo Op Sessions, Celebrity Autograph Sessions, two One Tree Hill themed Celebrity Parties, and a Private Meet and Greet Autograph Signing for even more "personal" time with the Stars! In the past, the celebrity guests in attendance at our parties stayed late and partied with the fans, judged our costume contests, and had a blast - they just didn't want to leave!

If you are a fan of One Tree Hill , we welcome you enthusiastically and promise a weekend you will never forget.
We are a group of family and friends and we have worked diligently to make your weekend the most fun, the most personal, and bring you the most celebrity interaction of any convention. To all of our friends and family who we love to see, and all of our new attendees, get ready to have your wish come true...

Wilmington is without a doubt the best location to hold an event based on One Tree Hill. The main reason is that the show itself was here for nine years. Wilmington IS "Tree Hill" as almost all location shooting was done right outdoors! While enjoying your EyeCon weekend, fans can visit all of the locations used on the show! And what better place for a reunion of the cast members? To be fully immersed in the world of One Tree Hill, Wilmington is virtually the only city that can bring the town alive.

If you are a fan of One Tree Hill , we welcome you enthusiastically and promise a weekend you will never forget.
We are a group of family and friends and we have worked diligently to make your weekend the most fun, the most personal, and bring you the most celebrity interaction of any convention. To all of our friends and family who we love to see, and all of our new attendees, get ready to have your wish come true...


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Founded in 2006, EyeCon is known worldwide as the convention with the most celebrity interaction in the most intimate settings. Since it's beginnings, it has grown in size and popularity, providing fans with unparallelled entertainment. EyeCon has hosted events featuring Supernatural, Twilight, True Blood, Teen Wolf, The Bionic Woman and most recently The Vampire Diaries!

Meet Our Master of Ceremonies: Joshua Reid-Davis!
Josh, or Just Josh as he is known to his family and friends, came to us during one of our True Blood conventions as an attendee at a time when we were searching for a new "voice" for the convention. He was a perfect fit and an immediate hit with the fans. His effervescent charm, friendly nature and infectious smile and humor turned ordinary mundane announcements into "play time" on stage for both the stars and the attendees. He has been a staple of our shows ever since. If at any time you need help or assistance throughout your weekend, or even a simple "pick-me-up", Josh will provide it for you! Friend him on FaceBook HERE!


"I've been to every EyeCon Tvd convention. I always have had a great time. Going to the conventions is like a family reunion. I love how personal Kenny and Autumn are along with their staff. They take time to get to know their attendees by name and develop friendships with them. I've been to other cons even other TVD con's and Eyecon Tvd is by far my favorite."
- Ella Worley

"Thank you Kenny, Joshua, Jamie, and all the amazing staff once again for another fabulous convention! I've attended all of them and they keep getting better and better! It's not only a chance to see the incredible cast from my fave show, but also have a girls weekend w/ all my friends. I can't wait for the next one! Thanks again for all the hard work that was put into this to make it so awesome! You guys rock!"
- Kristi Brown

"My experience at Eyecon last year... It turned out to be one of the best weekends I've had in...well, my entire life. What people don't get is that, going to Eyecon isn't just about getting to see the actors and actresses that we love and respect so much (although that is definitely a major factor). Going to Eyecon isn't even about meeting all the with the friends we've bonded with over the internet in person (though that, too, is a huge deal). But Eyecon isn't about any of that. Eyecon is about coming together, ALL of us, as fans, actors, convention volunteers and workers, vendors who already live in the area, all of us just coming together for a couple of days to really CELEBRATE this wonderful show that has worked its way into our lives and hearts. What I think sets Eyecon apart form other conventions is its intimacy; since it's usually in Atlanta, you get to be close to where all of the action really happens, so many are able to tour the TVD set and do those types of things as well while in the area. Overall it was a very humbling experience and, while my time there did seem to fly by, it was truly worth it. Let's not forget our wonderful HOSTS such as Kenny yourself and all those involved to make the convention what it is. None of it would be possible without your hospitality."
- Kateland May

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